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The Kingdom Connect (TKC) is a marketplace platform for Kingdom minded professionals and entrepreneurs. We offer structured 52 weeks of quality Kingdom Education.
TKC was founded in 2021 as a stand alone module from the Spiritual Intelligence module that has been taught by Coach Irene Mureithi since 2010 at PDI (Personal Development Institute)
Our foundational scripture at TKC is "Christ In You The Hope Of Glory" - Colossians 1:27
Our mission is three fold
1. Increased intimacy with God through rediscovering the kingdom of God.
2. Increased finances as we seek the Kingdom of God first- all these things will be added to us - for God has pleasure in the prosperity of His Servants.
3.HACK (Hands of Christ's Kingdom) - this is our giving back to the society for practical transformation out of our Increased Finances. This started way back during PDI 2nd Anniversary when together with the PDI Alumni we put up a house for the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) in Naivasha. We currently have an ongoing project in Siaya. Other outreaches include paying school fees, medical bills and house rent for TKC members who find themselves in seasons of distress.
Our Vision
Is to be a cutting edge global platform that represents the Kingdom of God in the marketplace with a spirit of excellence and abundance- because God has through Jesus Christ made us Kings and Priests to reign with Christ in this life and the life to come.
We are currently over 230 members (as of 15th June 2022) drawn from 9 countries namely Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and over 25 counties in Kenya. We have professionals, entrepreneurs, ordained ministers of the Gospel from various walks of life and industries. We envision ourselves growing to a membership of 10,000 members by May 2025 and as we continue to impact the society in practical ways using Kingdom principles, we hope to reach many more people using technology.

Rediscovering the Kingdom of God: Ancient Hope for Our 21st Century World. By Myles Munroe

Provision for your purpose - Learn practical and transformative steps towards increasing your finances in your pursuit of your purpose

If the enemy cannot keep you from pursuing your life purpose, he will try and use economic terrorism to slow you down or to stop you in your purpose journey - Dr John Stanko

Invest in your excellence - Living a purposeful Life by Dr John Stanko

Decade of Discovery, Decade of preparation, Decade of growth, Decade of Productivity and Decade of meaning